About Us

author.com.au was established by Scott Balson in October 2002.

The website is the shop window for Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd publishing division. Interactive Presentations launched the first on-line daily newspaper in Australia in October 1995. This newspaper ran for five years and is now archived in the National Library of Australia. The newspaper reflected the views about freedom of speech now mirrored on this web site.

From first hand experience we are aware of how difficult it is for an author to get material published that challenges the establishment. We intend to assist those facing this predicament getting their material before the general public.

As recently as October 2007 News Limited have gone out to denigrate and defame Scott Balson because of his 1999 book "Murder by Media" which exposed the biased and unethical manner in which Rupert Murdoch runs his media empire. Murdoch came unstuck - as can be seen at this link.

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