Advice on self-publishing

Just a few years ago self-publishing meant a large initial outlay with a very high risk of never recovering costs.

As the author of several books I speak with conviction over this issue.

Here are the traditional vagaries of writing a book

Publishing Company

Self Published

  • They're only interested in authors with a track record
  • They get inundated with scripts - few ever get read
  • The authors of those that do get published get very little return (maybe $1 per book)
  • The publisher organises the roadshow or promotion of your book (the Internet is providing you with promotional options)

in short a publishing company is not the road to riches unless you are Joanne K Rowling and you wrote Harry Potter.

how times have changed! Now you can "print on demand" - as few as one copy at a time for the cost of a traditional book. Through the Internet - we use Lulu - you can upload a PDF and covers and wait for the orders to come in at no financial cost! In fact we make about $20 per book ordered for doing nothing!

For assessing your work if aimed at a wider audience we suggest you contact  pur preferred editing professional Michele of 2editservices at this email address. 

A front cover can be as simple as a photograph with text overlay and the backpage a word document. We can help you here. All the book covers on Scott Balson's books were designed by the author.

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